B E C O M E   A


O F  O U R  E A R T H  A N D  I T S  P E O P L E S

/guard-i-an/  A person who cares.  A protector; defender; champion.


What is a cultural expedition?


"We recognize the many layers of racial, colonial and economic privilege that make these expeditions possible.  We are committed to dismantling systemic injustice and supporting indigenous peoples in the preservation of their land and culture."

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Backpacking & First-Aid Skills

Exploration of the natural world is a key element of Guardian's mission to create protectors of mother nature and support the longevity of humanity. We strongly believe that our lives are based on the preservation and regeneration of mother nature. We give participants the first-hand experience needed to feel confident traveling and living outdoors in remote environments. We teach basic first aid to learn the skills necessary to help each other in emergency situations. Our goal at the end of a trip is to make you comfortable in embarking on another travel experience in the world or in a wilderness context.

Stewardship Projects

The world population and international tourism will continue to grow every year within developing countries. Our responsibility as world travelers, planetary stewards and cultural explorers is to positively impact the places we travel to. At Guardian, we incorporate stewardship projects into every aspect of our trips. We reforest the places we visit and we help implement sustainable self-reliant systems for rural populations we visit. With every Guardian expedition, we work directly with communities to create sustainable systems of tourism that benefit and regenerate nature.

Indigenous Cultural Immersion

Guardian focuses on cultural expeditions that give people the skills and experiences necessary to adopt a life of balance and unity with the natural world. We head back to the population sources that still maintain this balance and unity to learn first-hand how our "modern-day" civilization can once again live more aligned with nature. We work, live, learn, and laugh with our indigenous partners to create a bridge of cultural understanding. Our intention is to unify the human species under one universal belief, that the preservation and existence of the natural world must continue for generations to come.

Featured Expedition

Experience Authenticity

The Northern Coast of Colombia

21-Day Expedition

Wilderness Medicine

Emergency First Aid Courses


Wilderness First Aid & First Responder Courses

Our Wilderness First Aid course may be the best choice for weekend campers, people taking day hikes within cell phone coverage, and those who are just looking for basic instruction. 

Our Wilderness First Responder course is for outdoor professionals, those who take multi-day or longer personal trips, those who take part in high risk activities (rock climbing, whitewater paddling, mountaineering, multi-week expeditions of all kinds, etc.), or those who simply want to know more about wilderness medicine.

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