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At GUARDIAN, we strive for the growth of a global consciousness that values the protection of Earth and it's people.

Founded in 2020, GUARDIAN is made of a group of professional outdoor educators who specialize in finding the most authentic travel experiences that will leave people with a lifelong memory. We work directly with indigenous populations and operate in remote areas where the tourist "path" does not go. We rely on our extensive experience working in the outdoors and emergency first aid skills to manage risk while providing an experience like no other. The trips we offer are not a commodity and should not be found in a travel magazine. We seek a path that will help you to truly become a GUARDIAN of mother earth.

GUARDIAN works directly with Wilderness Medicine Training Center to offer comprehensive and unparalleled training in wilderness medicine and emergency backcountry first aid with our Wilderness First Aid and First Responder certificates.


  • Development of Self-Awareness

Guardian focuses on helping individuals to display a willingness to ask for and accept help, attend to their physical well-being, try new things to keep an open mind and express their personal viewpoint.

  • Cultural Immersion in a Global Community

Guardian encourages individuals to express empathy and compassion with the people we interact with on a global stage. In an international context, we encourage a willingness to engage in positive growth-oriented communication to improve interpersonal relationships. We work to foster a globally inclusive community that can be adaptable to alter personal agenda/needs for the good of the expeditionary group and the communities we operate in.

  • Connection and Appreciation to the Natural World

Guardian values the development of international stewards of the Earth. We teach participants to show regard for Leave No Trace (LNT) principles to reduce the effects of environmental degradation. Our expeditions operate in remote areas of the world that allows individuals to take advantage of opportunities for a deep appreciation of the environment. We work with local guides and indigenous populations to show us the world through the lens of humans that still live with the natural world.

  • Outdoor Living Skills and Risk Management

While our Trip Leaders are experts in managing risk in an international arena, we encourage participants to be "crew" and not "passengers" of the expedition. Guardian encourages individuals to be cooperative and conscientious in the decision-making process that occurs in the dynamic world of international expeditions. The outcomes will help participants to appropriately make conservative judgments in managing both personal risk and risk to peers in any future remote environment. As well, Trip Leaders will actively teach ways to navigate in a remote environment, logistics of international travel, and basic camp craft (including tarp set up, campsite selection, cooking)

  • Backcountry Emergency First Aid Skills

In order to be prepared for the worst situations that arise in an urban or backcountry environment, Guardian prioritizes the education of Wilderness Emergency First Aid. Our Trip Leaders each have over 80+ hours of professional emergency medical training and have utilized their skills in urban emergency medical services or remote wilderness environments. Not only are we medical professionals in the industry, but we also seek to provide a high-quality and life-changing curriculum that will give participants of our Wilderness Medicine courses the skills they need to handle any emergency situation.


Who We Are

International Outdoor Educators

At Guardian, our Trip Leaders are much more than just guides. As a collective, we have chosen a lifestyle that works more in line with how people should function in a modern society that cares about each other and the world. All of our Trip Leaders come from different walks of life and have a variety of attributes that display their own unique development of "character." Personally and professionally, we have lead courses in some of the harshest conditions found while facilitating life-changing experiences in the natural environment. 

Each of us is more than just educators, guides, leaders, rock-climbers, skiers, artists, backpackers, and medics. We are here to provide an authentic course that fosters the development of individual growth in an international setting.

WE DON'T CHANGE YOUR LIFE, we offer the opportunity and the "keys to the door" so that when you are ready to walk through you can have a life-changing experience!

Affiliate Organizations

The Wilderness Medicine Training Center (WMTC) provides unrivaled training for serious students of pre-hospital wilderness care and risk management.

WMTC courses expertly meld decades of field experience and training with the latest research and technology. WMTC bases its medical curriculum on the practice guidelines established by the Wilderness Medical Society and is a signatory to the WFA, WAFA, and WFR scope of practice (SOP) documents. WMTC certifications are accepted nationally and internationally by organizations such as Outward Bound, the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), the American Camping Association, the Boy Scouts of America, and all state and federal guide licensing agencies.

WMTC Courses

WMTC courses are hands-on, intense, practical, and fun. Course curriculum uses a mechanism of injury/illness perspective that facilitates learning, critical thinking under pressure, and accurate field assessment & treatment.  Students learn how to think in a medical emergency, and to utilize the most valuable tool a medical care provider has: their brain. Over 75% of every medical course is hands-on practical skill labs, realistic simulations, after incident debriefs, and case study reviews.

WMTC Instructors

WMTC instructors are some of the finest in the world. They have been carefully selected from a field of high-quality applicants. They then undergo the toughest instructor training program in the business. Their lessons are backed by their extensive experience in the field as guides, trip leaders, and medical care providers. WMTC instructors are also highly skilled educators, adept at translating their knowledge into information students can understand and use. They ensure students learn the skills they need to make effective medical decisions in a wilderness environment.

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