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Journey to the Heart of the World

20-Day expedition in Northern Colombia

Expedition begins and ends in Santa Marta, Colombia


Embark on an expedition of a lifetime that begins in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the tallest coastal mountain range in the world. Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, this pyramidal volcanic massif rises to 18,700 feet (5700m) above sea level. It is home to every biome found in South America and is celebrated for its biodiversity. These mountains are also the birthplace of the ancient pre-hispanic culture of the Tayrona.


Today, the descendants of the Tayrona still live in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. They call their mountainous home “El Corazon del Mundo” - the Heart of the World. They separate themselves into four tribes: the Arhuaco, the Kogi, the Kankuamo and the Wiwa. They call themselves the Elder Brothers, a people committed to maintaining the equilibrium of the Earth by their daily rituals, mental discipline, and meditations. 


While on the expedition, the price includes transportation, food, lodging, immersive Spanish and basic first-aid classes, direct contributions to the reforestation of the places we visit, and in-depth education/safety from Guardian Trip Leaders and Colombian guides. 

We have 4 main components of this trip:

Santa Marta

El Dorado Nature Reserve

Paso de Mango

The Buritaca River

For a deeper look into the course itinerary, click the detailed information packet below

  • Northern Coast Jan 7th - 26th, 2022
    Fri, Jan 07
    Santa Marta
    20 Day All Inclusive Cultural Expedition : $3000. Register here for an unforgettable expedition through the Northern Coast of Colombia.
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